BRIDGES Foundational Documents

Documents serving as key points of reference drawn upon in the BRIDGES Coalition establishment process 2019-2021

UNESCO SuS Guidelines Document Official


Selected Visioning Documents produced the BRIDGES Coalition establishment process 2019-2021

BRIDGES Third Establishment Workshop Report_372177eng



Foundational Documents of the BRIDGES Coalition produced from the visioning and establishment process 2019-2021 as submitted to and approved by the Intergovernmental Council of the Management of Social Transformations Programme

BRIDGES_RoP_Annex_1_Proposal for the establishment of BRIDGES as a MOST Sustainability Science Coalition Bureau of MOST 27 January 2020

BRIDGES_RoP_Annex_2_Proposal for the governance of BRIDGES presented to the IGC MOST 16 Sep 2020

BRIDGES_RoP_Annex_3_Decision of the 15 Ordinary Session of the IGC MOST 31 March 2021