Join Globethics at the United Nations Civil Society Conference 2024 next week in Nairobi

UNESCO-MOST BRIDGES Coalition is proud to be partnering with Globalethics and The Club of Rome in an intergenerational collaborative panel for the United Nations Civil Society Event in Nairobi May 9/10 2024.

The panel, titled “Unheard Voices on the Future(s),” seeks to explore perspectives often overlooked in discussions about shaping future(s) and hopes to encourage creative, lively and intergenerational exchanges focused on the processes and assumptions currently associated with future shaping. In so doing, it aims to explore how global conversations are currently being mobilised and will use a symbolic seat at the table for an individual not yet born to represent the voice from the future.

This device is employed to demonstrate the complications associated with creating futures for those unable to represent their views, and also attends to the concern that many are not effectively included in conversations, aiming to amplify marginalized perspectives in future shaping dialogues.

In the spirit of ‘courageous criticism’ UNESCO-MOST BRIDGES Coalition is keen to be at the forefront of encouraging innovative thinking towards including voices that are yet to be heard.

Panelists include Luci Attala of Acting Deputy Executive Director of UNESCO-MOST BRIDGES, Fadi Daou, Executive Director of Globethics, Keshoe lsaiah of the Global Youth Storytelling and Research Lab, and Ashley Kitisya of the Laudato Si’ Movement. The panel will be moderated Nolita Thina Mvunelo, of The Club of Rome.

Join us in person at the UN Offices in Nairobi, or register to receive a link to follow the panel online: Unheard Voices on the Futures – Globethics