BRIDGES International Programme Office

The IPO is the BRIDGES Directorate’s administrative office. The IPO’s main function is to liaise on a regular basis with the UNESCO-MOST Secretariat in Paris and to keep the public informed of the work of BRIDGES.

Other duties include the gathering and preparation of background materials required by MOST, supporting the organisation of the General Assembly, the General Council, conferences and events with MOST and to collect, collate and distribute information across the Coalition, the Hubs and to UNESCO.

The Directorate and the IPO work closely together. The IPO is supported by Senior Administrators, a Communications Manager and Research and Policy Officers.

Hub Staff

Steven Hartman

Chief Executive Office of the BRIDGES Coalition. Works closely with UNESCO and the MOST intergovernmental programme to steer the strategic direction and development of BRIDGES.

Luci Attala

Director of the UK BRIDGES Hub and the IPO, working with the Executive Director on the strategic development of the Coalition and the IPO’s functions and capacities.

Professor Louise Steel

Assistant Director with a focus on research

Sophie Spooner

Senior Administrative working closely with the Directorate, and MOST on the administration of the IPO.

Gareth Thomas

Executive Research Development and Civic Engagement Officer working closely with BRIDGES.

Contact: [email protected]