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Ecological Imagination: Building Transformative Pathways with Insights from the Humanities

Join us on the 24th of February 2023 for the first joint Future Earth-BRIDGES Coalition Pathways Forum event. We anticipate it will be the first in a recurring series of Pathways Forum team-ups between our global sustainability science organizations.

What exactly are the environmental humanities, ecocriticism, environmental history? How can these interdisciplinary approaches contribute to transformative modes of research? Why aren’t the humanities more visible in the field of sustainability pathways currently, and how can change this?

These questions will be the core focus on this webinar, co-organized with BRIDGES, the Humanities-Driven Sustainability Science Coalition of the Management of Social Transformations Programme, whose secretariat is based in UNESCO’s Social and Human Science sector.

Join Nathalie Blanc, Director of the Earth & Politics Centre at Paris City University, Kenneth Nsah of Universit√© de Lille, Jorge Marcone of Rutgers University and the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies, Gilles Marciniak, Deputy Director of the Future Earth Paris Hub, and Steven Hartman, Founding Executive Director of the BRIDGES Coalition for this inaugural Future Earth-BRIDGES team-up event in the FE’s Pathways Forum series.

Following presentations from the speakers, this event will also offer an opportunity to bring together different research communities to engage in a truly interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainability science and transformative pathways.

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