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Discovering your “Sound of Belonging”: Building Empathy through Soundscapes

When you think of where you belong, what sounds do you hear? What emotions, memories, realizations come to mind? Do those sounds transplant you to a particular place or time?

These are the kinds of questions the “Sounds of Belonging” project encourages people to consider. The project invites individuals from all backgrounds to record a soundscape and share their story. We are also encouraging stories from Indigenous communities to highlight their voices and long-term knowledge of place. We respect the sovereignty of each person’s stories.*

The project is intended to open up the world of sound and insight from disparate locations. The hope is that “Sounds of Belonging” can help make the vast landscape of our planet closer and more intimate.

Join us for this special Earth Month BRIDGING Communities Café** session featuring Dr. Melissa K. Nelson, Professor of Indigenous Sustainability at Arizona State University. Learn how you can connect your inner voice with your outer soundscape and share your unique narrative with the world.

*For questions about Indigenous stories, contact Native co-producer Melissa K Nelson ([email protected]).

**The BRIDGING Communities Café Series is a signature program of the BRIDGES Sustainability Science Coalition, an UNESCO Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme ( This special Earth Month Café session is co-hosted by the BRIDGES Flagship Hub at ASU and The Narrative Storytelling Initiative at ASU. For questions or feedback about the BRIDGING Communities Café Series, please contact Julianna Gwiszcz ([email protected]).

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BRIDGES and ASU Global Futures Laboratory-led Session on Youth, Knowledge and Climate Action at the International Conference on Education for Human Security

The World Academy of Science and Art (WAAS) has partnered with the BRIDGES Coalition in UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformaitons programme and other partner organisations, including the Global Futures Laboratory of Arizona State University, SDSN Europe, and the World University Consortium to bring to you the International Conference on Education for Human Security.

The following session is co-sponsored by the BRIDGES Sustainability Science Coalition and the “Turn it Around!” initiative, both anchored at Arizona State University’s Global Futures Laboratory and both supported by UNESCO. The session is organized in collaboration with People and Planet, the UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector and the UNESCO Cairo Office.

“Youth-led Knowledge and Education for Climate Change and Human Security”

Participants: Marwa Alkhairo, Julianna Gwiszcz, Steven Hartman, Iveta Silova & Telmo Simões,
When? 4:00 – 4:50 p.m. CET, March 8, 2023

In a 60/90-minute interactive discussion, panelists and assembled audience members will explore the learning needs of young people in their efforts to address the climate crisis, particularly as this global challenge impacts human security at many levels regionally and locally. Climate change and human security are thus intertwined. Climate change can be a direct and indirect cause of conflict, as it exacerbates key drivers of fragility — such as the struggle for basic resources and livelihoods, the absence of which can lead to displacement and other forms of human vulnerability. The climate crisis thus has an undeniable impact in all seven elements of human security. The session will take up a number of distinct educational implications of organized efforts to address climate change-related human insecurity, including how the educational sector in the broadest sense must be mobilized to better prepare for and mitigate attendant vulnerabilities, with an emphasis on the central role of young people in societies around the world.

The Conference will take place online.

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